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Volunteers for the snack shack, in an effort to be more organized. The snack shack on Saturdays will now be using a sign up genius. If you could sign up online so we can assure that the snack shack is always open and fully staffed if would be greatly appreciated!


Each time slot is an hour, people that have worked in the snack shack before have commented it that things go smoother if you can sign up for two hours at a time it creates a smoothness to the process. My thought was that if you can sign up for two hours a couple of times a month and everyone does there part we will have no problem staffing the snack shack with out burning anyone out. I know everyone has very busy schedules and if that means you can only do an hour here or there that would be great too. All you have to do is sign up by following the link. I know we have a lot of new families and families that are moving up, if you have not helped in the snack shack before I promise you it is not difficult or scary (even the fryer and other cooking is not complicated), everything can be explained by the prior shift or myself (even better some of our veteran snack shack volunteers). 


So please take a look at your calendars and follow the link to help out to make this a success. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me. 




Thanks again 

Frank VanOrmer