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Coach Pitch (A Division) Specific Rules

These rules are modifications for enabling fair and instructive play within the Coach Pitch Division while trying to make the game an action packed fun experience. As such these rules take precedent over the Little League Official Regulations and Playing Rules.


Who Can Play?

  • Open to all 6 thru 8 year olds according to Little League Age Rules (new rules of April 2014) of the playing year
  • 6 year olds must have 1 year of T-Ball experience
  • 8 year olds are only eligible if they have no prior baseball experience


Game Format


  • Each batter will receive a maximum of six pitches per at bat.
  • The Coach will pitch overhand from a standing position at a minimum distance of 30 ft. and a maximum distance of 46 ft. from home plate.
  • No stealing is allowed
  • Coaches hitting a batter with a pitch will not result in the award of 1st base.



  • 2 Adult Coaches are allowed on the field within the coaches’ boxes.
  • 1 Coach is allowed on the field to pitch to his players.
  • 1 Backstop Retriever is allowed on the field to retrieve pitched balls and to speed up play.


  • 2 Defensive Coaches are allowed on the playing field: one positioned down the right field line past first base in foul territory and the other positioned down the left field line past third base in foul territory.


Game Logistics

  • Three game balls will be in the possession of the Offensive Pitching Coach when the play begins in their half of the inning.
  • The Coach will pitch all balls to his batter. After each missed ball, the Backstop Retriever will retrieve and hold the ball so that that the Pitching Coach can deliver the next pitch.
  • After the first three balls have been delivered, the Backstop Retriever will toss all retrieved balls back to the Pitching Coach. To start the process again.
  • If the batter fails to place the ball into play by the 6th pitch, the batter will hit the ball off the tee.
  • There will be no strikeouts and no walks.


Other Specific Rules

  • Time Limit: Six (6) innings or 60 minute time limit.  No inning can start after 60 minutes; drop dead time 75 minutes-teams will not finish the inning. 
  • Batting Order: Every team must bat the entire roster in a specific order (Continuous Order). If a team bats out of order, Little League rule 6.07 shall be used to determine the outcome.
  • Players: The maximum number of defensive players allowed on the playing field is 10. 1 catcher, 1 pitcher, 4 infielders, and 4 outfielders.
  • Player Rotation: Coaches must rotate players off the bench with no player sitting longer than 3 outs and no player sitting out twice in the same game, unless every player on the team has sat once.
  • Dead Ball: The ball is considered dead once a player has returned the ball to the infield (the area in side of the base paths) and a defensive player has (in the Chief Umpire’s judgment) control of the ball. It is at this time, the Chief Umpire will call time to declare the ball dead. Once the ball is declared dead, no runner may advance farther than the last base reached provided the runner is less than half way to the next base. If the runner is further than half way between bases, the runner shall be able to continue towards the next base at their own risk.
  • Run Limit: A team’s time at bat will be limited to five runs per inning or three outs. The run limit is waived in the sixth inning. The run limit WILL NOT be waived the last inning of the game unless the last inning is the sixth inning.
  • Infield Fly: Infield fly rule does not apply.
  • Over Throws: An over-thrown ball by a defensive player into foul territory will result in base runners being able to advance one more base at their own risk. (i.e., the ball is overthrown at 1st or 3rd). A ball that is overthrown into fair territory (2nd base) is a live ball in which the runners can continue to advance at their risk until the ball is considered dead.
  • Catcher: All players that play the position of catcher are required to wear a protective cup.
  • Bat Throwing: If a bat is thrown and hits the fence, player, coach or umpire, the player is automatically called out. No Exceptions. If in the opinion of the Chief Umpire, the player has thrown the bat, time shall be called and the Coach informed, as a warning, that if the bat is thrown again during the game, the player will be called out.
  • Coach hit by batted ball: If a batted ball hits the Offensive Pitching Coach, the play shall be ruled dead and the pitch as a no pitch. The coach will be allowed to re-try the pitch.